How to use this template

image = An image of the enemy. Do not type the [[Image:____]] extensions in. Example,
 Snacker.png (User:Chicken7 can supply images)
game = The game(s) the enemy is featured in
world = The world the enemy is featured in
hp = The number of hitpoints the enemy has. This is based on the number of blue eggs that it takes to kill it.
wn = The enemy's weakness (i.e. it can only be killed by Grenade Eggs). Leave blank if it is weak against all attacks. 
wp = The enemy's weak point(s) if only a certain part of its body is vulnerable. Leave blank if vulnerable on all parts of its body.
Infobox enemy
Enemy from the Banjo-Kazooie series.
Game(s) {{{game}}}
Location(s) {{{world}}}
Weakness {{{wn}}}
Weakpoint {{{wp}}}
[[Category:Enemies that have {{{hp}}} hit-points]]

Blank enemy

{{Infobox character
|image           = 
|game            = 
|world           =
|hp              = 
|wn              = 
|wp              =
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