How to use this infobox template

image = An image of the Game's box art. Do not type the [[Image:____]] extensions in. Example, BKboxart.jpg.
developer = The company(s) that developed the game.
publisher = The company(s) that published the game.
designer = The head person/people who designed the game.
platform = The gaming platform(s) the game was available for.
release = The games release dates in North America, Europe, and Japan (or any others).
genre = What genre(s) the game is. Example, Action-Adventure and Platformer
mode = What different player modes are in the game. Single-Player, Multi-Player
rating = The game's rating(s) by ESRB, ELSPA, and OFLC.
media = What format is the game on. Example, 128 megabit cartridge, 64-megabit cartridge
input = What controller(s) can be used to play the game.
accessories = Any accessories required or recommended to play the game. Example, Rumble Pack.

Blank template

{{Infobox game info
|image =
|developer =
|publisher =
|designer =
|platform =
|release =
|genre =
|mode =
|rating =
|media =
|input =
|accessories =

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