How to use this template

aka = Another name if there is one. Or else leave it blank.
image = An image of the item. Do not type the [[Image:____]] extensions in. Example, Blue egg.png (User:Chicken7 can 
 supply images]])
size = Image size in pixels. Be sure to include "px" after the size value (example: 200px)
use = What it is used for. Example, Red feathers=Flight
game = The game(s) the item is found and used in
max = The maximum amount you can hold of it. If it is one use item, put 1. Example, Gold feathers=10 (Not with cheats
time = If the item has a time limit to be used, Yes or No.
icon = Optional. The icon that appears next to the writing when the item talks. Yes items do talk! Only applies to 
 items at the start of the game.

Infobox item
Collectible item from the Banjo-Kazooie series.
Game(s) {{{game}}}
Used for {{{use}}}
Max {{{max}}}

Blank template

{{Infobox item
|image           = 
|game            = 
|use             =
|max             = 
|time            =
|icon            =
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