How to use this template

How to use this infobox template

image = A picture of the move being used. Only type in the name.ext, not the whole Image syntax.
size = Image size in pixels. Be sure to include "px" after the size value (example: 200px).
game = The game(s) the move is used in.
world = The world(s) where the move is learned.
buttons = The button combination used to execute the move. Also include required states, such as being underwater.
uses = A short blurb on what the move does.

Infobox move
World learned {{{world}}}
Buttons {{{buttons}}}
Used for {{{uses}}}

Blank template

{{Infobox move
|image           = 
|game            = 
|world             =
|buttons             = 
|uses            =
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