ID info


Used for the creation of your own userbox, simplified.

  |id       = id text or image (automatic=ID)
  |id-c     = id background color (auto=medium grey)
  |id-fc    = id font color (auto=black)
  |id-s     = id text size (auto=14)
  |info     = info text (auto=info)
  |info-c   = info background color (auto=light grey)
  |info-fc  = info font color (auto=black)
  |info-s   = info text size (auto=8pt)
  |border-c = box outline colour (auto=black)
  |border-s = border width in pixels (auto=1)
  • It is suggested that you limit the size of any images in the id box to 40 pixels.
  • For a list of colors and the Hex codes for them, see this Wikipedia page.



  |id       = [[Image:BKboxart.jpg|45px]]
  |id-c     = red
  |id-fc    = 
  |id-s     = 
  |info     = This user has Banjo-Kazooie.
  |info-c   = midnightblue
  |info-fc  = gold
  |info-s   = 15
  |border-c = gold
  |border-s = 4


Banjo-Kazooie Boxart (North America).png This user has Banjo-Kazooie.
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