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The Dining Room is an area in Mad Monster Mansion that can be accessed either through the front door, or through the chimney on the roof.

Paintings are visible on the wall, depicting Brentilda, Klungo, Gruntilda's Broomstick, Mumbo Jumbo, the tower of the lair, and Gruntilda herself. Napper can also be found sleeping on top of the dining room's table.

Napper the Sleeping Ghost[]

Napper will awaken as soon as Banjo steps onto the creaky floor. To grab the Jiggy he holds, Banjo must enter through the chimney. Jump from chair to chair until you get to the table and grab the Jiggy. Napper will then vanish. The Flight Pad he was sitting on will also be available.

Other Collectibles[]

Musical Notes are on the chairs, Blue Eggs are on the mantle of the fireplace, a Mumbo Token is in the fire in the fireplace, and an Extra Life is on the chandelier which you can get to using the Flight Pad.