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The Inferno is an area in Witchyworld in Banjo-Tooie. Mumbo's Skull can be found inside. The Inferno is a premium area in Witchyworld, requiring the Van Banjo transformation to open.


The Inferno is an important area, despite being behind a locked door. Mumbo's Skull is found inside, and his magic is required to power up several attractions in the park. It also has a long spiral structure in the center with a Jiggy at the top. Banjo and Kazooie must Split-up in order to obtain the Jiggy. It contains a Warp Pad, mainly for Mumbo to get out quickly and power up the other areas. Finally, the Inferno is one of the random locations where the player will find Groggy which Banjo must feed with a Burger and Taxi Pack back to his mother Mrs. Boggy as part of a quest to obtain a Jiggy.


Language Name Meaning
Japanese インフェルノ