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The Tiptup Choir Melody Match is a mini game in Banjo-Kazooie in the fourth world Bubblegloop Swamp.

The mini game is found after entering Tanktup, where Tiptup and his choir are standing. 

The objective of the mini game is to listen to the choir's tune and remember the correct corresponding order that you heard them. There are three tunes which you must repeat; the first one only has three choir members singing and each time the amount of turtles singing goes up. Hitting the wrong turtle causes Banjo to lose 1 honeycomb and have to start over from the round left off, so it is best to approach Tiptup and ask him to repeat the sequence if the player forgets. If the player succeeds all 3 rounds, the duo will be awarded a Jiggy

This mini game later re-appears in Grunty's Furnace Fun if Banjo steps on a timer square.