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The Zubbas' Nest Challenge is a challenge located on top of Cloud Cuckooland's central mountain. As the Bee Transformation, shoot the Zubba target once to start the timer. Then you have ten seconds to shoot the target twenty more times to enter the nest. Be prepared to spend a long time trying to achieve this.

The Rules[]

The rules of the Zubba's Nest Challenge are as simple as most of the mini-games from Banjo-Tooie. Shoot the Zubbas with your stinger and collect as many points as possible. Red Zubbas are one point, Green Zubbas are two points, and Blue Zubbas are three points. You are timed with 60 seconds to get 40 or 60 points.

The Prize[]

The prize for hitting 40 points worth of Zubbas is a Cheato Page. The prize for hitting 60 points worth of Zubbas is aJiggy.