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The Treasure Chamber is an area in Mayahem Temple in Banjo-Tooie. It is a tall yellow colored building where Chief Bloatazin is located. He will appear to be searching for something. If you talk to him he will explain that an Unga Bunga tribe member stole Targitzan's Pricless Relic Thingy. If you work your way to the top of the building, you can step on a switch to open a gate once you get down from the top of the building or obtain the ability to use the Grip Grab to hold tight onto ledges of walls and hold yourself up to the edge of the stair room and head upstairs. This passage leads to the 5th World, Terrydactyland. You will only be able to access one room in Terrydactyland at this point in the game.(Unless you have opened Terrydactyland and pressed the switch from the opposite side of the room). There will be one sleeping Unga Bunga tribe member surrounded by broken sticks, and a small platform with the relic on it leading to a cave. If you walk slowly enough across the sticks, you can grab the relic without waking him up. It can be returned to Chief Bloatazin for a Jiggy. You can also find a Empty Honeycomb Piece in the corner on top of a pile of gold, and a Cheato Page on top of the building (where the one-way entrance is located). The entrance for the top building is one-way and impossible to exit back to the top of the building to certain characters including the Stony Banjo form, Mumbo and Banjo by himself which leaves them no choice but to use the normal entrance in-order to leave the Treasure Chamber since it's the only doorway that is 2 way for all other characters including Banjo's transformations, but Banjo & Kazooie together and Kazooie alone are able to head out through the direction they fell from as a result of entering through the 2nd entrance built for the building.


  • Mumbo and the stone banjo can be able to enter the top when gameshark codes are active.
  • Banjo and Kazooie along is the only characters that can leave the treasure chamber to Unga Bunga's Cave but no banjo transforminations, Mumbo and banjo & kazooie splitted can be able to leave the world.