The Trolley is Banjo's main form of transportation in Showdown Town. It was Banjo's second choice of vehicle, after Grunty chose the better one that L.O.G. created. The trolley starts off with very few features and can only drive and nothing else. When a Grunty Act Door is opened in town, Banjo must defeat Grunty in her challenge to earn a new part for the trolley. As new parts are unlocked, new parts of Showdown Town can be accessed.

List of Upgrades

High-Grip Wheels: Earned in Nutty Acres Act 3 - Allows the trolley to go up steep slopes.
Floaters: Earned in LOGBOX 720 Act 3 - Allows the trolley to float on the water.
Spring: Earned in Banjoland Act 4 - Allows the trolley to jump in the air.
Scuba Seat: Earned in Jiggoseum Act 4 - Allows the trolley to go underwater without Banjo losing air, letting him go through special underwater tunnels.
Laser: Earned in Jiggoseum Act 5 - Allows the trolley to shoot a laser and destroy special fences, letting Banjo enter certain areas.
Horn: Earned in Terrarium of Terror Act 5 - Allows the trolley to honk and scare off ghosts, letting Banjo access the Mumbo Crates they hold.

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