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The Twinkly Packing Challenge is a minigame located on the third floor of Grunty Industries. A battery is required to open the room, so Banjo must split up to find the battery and place it in its socket before the room will be accessible.

The Rules[]

Twinklie Packing

Banjo is being taught how to pack Twinklies.

Here is the full quote from the mini-game instructions:

"Twinklies appear from the mesh floor. The packer must collect them before they disappear and take them to the correct loading chutes. Stand on the platform near the chute to load them. Twinklies are heavy, so the more you carry, the slower you run. Blue ones are worth 3 points, Green ones are worth 2, and Red are only worth 1. Score 40 points to earn a basic packer's bonus."

Players are given 60 seconds to complete the challenge. It is much easier if the player enters the room as Kazooie solo, as she runs much faster. A pair of Turbo Trainers sits in the back right corner of the room, to enable even faster running (as long as the player does not enter as Banjo solo, in which case the Trainers cannot be worn).

The Prize[]

If 40 points are scored in 60 seconds, a Jiggy is awarded.


  • This is the only mini-game which can be played when Banjo is alone.