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Note: Even though I do not edit here much, I am still happy to help you with your needs, as I check Wikia fairly frequently! Cheers.

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Hello. And welcome to my userpage! I am Chicken7. I came to this wiki in January 2008 hoping to help it get back on its feet. I hope it becomes the most helpful and respected resource for the Banjo-Kazooie series, on the web. Right now, we have around 470 articles. I am unsure how we can up our article count because there is nothing more to create. If you want something to do, you may look at the Community Portal or ask me or another respected user on my/their user discussion page.

I can take photos from all 4 games except Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. I may also record soundtracks.

I have tried to be an active and good member of this community. Some things I have done are:

  • Recorded soundtracks for the wiki
  • Created a monobook custom skin
  • Raised it's notability slightly by adding posts on external forums and blogs
  • Created the YouTube account and added a few videos (Although Dekudan seems to handle it now)
  • Having the first legal emulator here, I uploaded various images for enemies, locations, characters, etc.
  • Tried to get the latest info and news about BK:N&B
  • Welcomed users
  • etc.


Much info about me at my global account here.


My current projects

  • I am creating a small platform game for Banjo-Kazooie. I will see if I can post it on the wiki to add interest to it. It might be called Banjo-Platorms. Kazooie is not included although you can shoot eggs. You may talk to me about it.
  • Linking up German and English pages between multilingual wikis.
  • Copying the monobook custom skin to monaco and quartz.

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