Toomai Glittershine The Image Guru

Toomai is a Canadian user who is a fan of the Banjo-Kazooie series. After taking one look at this wiki, Toomai decided he could really help the place out. So he started going to random pages and buffed them up a bit. His near-omnipresense, vast knowledge, and continuous support has made him an administrator.

Toomai is responsible for adding these images to this wiki:

Button Images
Nintendo 64 This is a Stick. Press Start to start. Jump! Jump! greeeeen USE THE BOOST TO GET THROUGH Cv To see to the left C-wrong DO A BARREL ROLL Trigger, more like.
Game Boy Advance D for directional. Start != Select. Eh. greeeey Mine is broken. (DS) Arrr.

I had done the X360 button images as well, but Fawful replaced them with more official-looking ones. I don't really mind.

Nuts & Bolts Icons
Nothing has 0 strength, so this just means no damage. Weak! Flimsy. Decidedly average. Buff. Either offensive or defensive, depending on whether this is strength or damage you're talkin' 'bout.
Drop your weapons! Bang bang. Bang, bang, and bang. Bigger bang. Bang for bucks. Banjo wants big boom.
None of these are useless, by the way. yelllooowww 2/5 You're still reading these, eh? Nutter. It ain't no Hydro One. MOAR POWERZ!!!!1
Gassed. Those Mynocks got into the tank again. Fossil fuels. What is this "fuel", anyway? Toxic waste? Fart power. Gassed, in a good way.
Just for completion. How could you have NO parts? These Part Amount images aren't used right now. But if you post your vehicle stats up here... could use them. I don't mind. I mean, that's part of the point. So yeah.
Again, just for completion. Definately NOT William Shatner. OHSNAPZ It's purple. Not violet. Physics says so. "Weight" != "wait". High weight is, like, a curling term. Cronk.

As for Toomai's video game life and skills, here's some stats:

  • I've completed Banjo-Kazooie 100% at least 10 times (probably more) with a best time of between 5 and six hours (without a strategy other than "get all Jiggies and Notes without non-Cheato cheats").
  • I don't fear the Engine Room. :P
  • I've completed Banjo-Tooie 5 times with 100% once (the only blemish those other times was Canary Mary's races in Cloud Cuckooland, which I can beat cleanly now).
  • I don't own the GBA BK games, with the reasons being:
    • From what I hear, they're crud.
    • There's probably no way to get them nowadays.
  • I don't own Nuts & Bolts because:
    • I don't have a 360 and have no reason to get one (I would need more than one game of motivation).
  • I have created a Smash Bros. moveset for Banjo and Kazooie and have an in-universe reason for why they aren't part of Nintendo anymore.
  • I started the Cosmic Encounter Wiki.
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