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Toomai is a Canadian user who is a fan of the Banjo-Kazooie series. After taking one look at this wiki, Toomai decided he could really help the place out. So he started going to random pages and buffed them up a bit. His near-omnipresense, vast knowledge, and continuous support has made him an administrator.

Toomai is responsible for adding these images to this wiki:

Button Images
Nintendo 64 Control Stick (N64) Start button (N64) A button (N64) B button (N64) C up button (N64) C down button (N64) C left button (N64) C right button (N64) R button (N64) Z button (N64)
Game Boy Advance D-Pad (Nintendo) Start button (GBA) A button (GBA) B button (GBA) L button (GBA) R button (GBA)

I had done the X360 button images as well, but Fawful replaced them with more official-looking ones. I don't really mind.

Nuts & Bolts Icons

As for Toomai's video game life and skills, here's some stats:

  • I've completed Banjo-Kazooie 100% at least 10 times (probably more) with a best time of between 5 and six hours (without a strategy other than "get all Jiggies and Notes without non-Cheato cheats").
  • I don't fear the Engine Room. :P
  • I've completed Banjo-Tooie 5 times with 100% once (the only blemish those other times was Canary Mary's races in Cloud Cuckooland, which I can beat cleanly now).
  • I don't own the GBA BK games, with the reasons being:
    • From what I hear, they're crud.
    • There's probably no way to get them nowadays.
  • I don't own Nuts & Bolts because:
    • I don't have a 360 and have no reason to get one (I would need more than one game of motivation).
  • I have created a Smash Bros. moveset for Banjo and Kazooie and have an in-universe reason for why they aren't part of Nintendo anymore.
  • I started the Cosmic Encounter Wiki.
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