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Welcome, Droginator1, to the Banjo-Kazooie Wiki, the Banjo-Kazooie gaming wikia!

We hope that you like this wikia and you decide to stay. Feel free to edit and contribute some of your Banjo-Kazooie knowledge. However, do not remove important information while fixing others' articles. Additionally, you must comply with all of the normal Wikipedia policies of this site, that will keep the wiki running smoothly. Here are some links that may help you.

Our polices (Please read this first before you edit. Thanks)

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PS: If you are under the age of 13, please do not release personal information about your self. This is a wikia wide policy.

Again, welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the official Banjo-Kazooie Wiki! If you need any help, any, ask myself or another administrator. Most of all, have fun!

--Jiggy-1Arav the Undersith 07:15, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

Grey Jinjo Seekers

Hello. You have been invited to the Grey Jinjo Seekers group! To accept press A, to decline press B. (ok, i made it look like an auto message...kinda) Ok, we'll have meatings & stuff and wil specially be devoted to the Gray Jinjos and will have a special page! User:GoldenJiggies/GJSclub, and you can be co-leader :o (i know iit's awesome idea!) GoldenJiggies GiantEggGJ

ok, it'll be like sorta of a site focused ongrey jinjos, and maybe, if you have the equipmant (cause i dont :() we can do a fake video series... we'll it'lll be a page for them. period. and lots more. Do you have any ideas for it? GoldenJiggies GiantEggGJ

Ok, were starting. and its ok if you use Kazooie instead of Tooie. (Just put it in the description). Oh, and you and me will be asked by people to join if they're interested, or, we can ask them. GoldenJiggies GiantEggGJ

Your sig

To use it use User:Droginator1/sig inside:

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your results Klungo iconDroginator1

GoldenJiggies GiantEggGJ


Thank you very much for undoing the stupid edits of those IPs. Please continue if you can and from now on tell me the IP's name and I will talk to them/block when it is necessary. It’s faster then me looking through the recent changes for the undid revisions you made. And again, thanks! --Jiggy-1Arav the Undersith 03:19, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

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