WeaponsStrengthWeightAmmo RequiredDamageEffectAmount
Boot-In-A-BoxStrengthMediumWeightLowAmmoMediumStrengthNoneA boot that comes out of a box that knocks away objects.3
Citrus SlickStrengthLowWeightLowAmmoLowStrengthLowShoots oranges that make turning difficut when ran over.1
Clockwork KazooieStrengthMediumWeightMediumAmmoHighStrengthHighShoots automatically and homes in on targets. Under certain conditions, it can hit the shooter.3
Egg GunStrengthLowWeightLowAmmoVeryLowStrengthVeryLowRapid-fires eggs in a straight line. Will shoot straight at an enemy if it's within approximately 20 degrees of the barrel.5
Egg TurretStrengthMediumWeightMediumAmmoVeryLowStrengthVeryLowFires eggs in a straight line (also aims at enemy as above); must enter separate turret seat to control.3
E.M.P.StrengthMediumWeightHighAmmoHighStrengthHighwill temporarily make all gadgets of anything in the electrical field it produces useless, including the gadgets on your vehicles.1
FreezeezyStrengthMediumWeightMediumAmmoLowStrengthLowShoots a projectile that freezes the target and disables driving and most gadgets/weapons.2
Fulgore's FistStrengthHighWeightLowAmmoNoneStrengthMediumA metal hand that will turn into a fist and punch whatever is in front of it when the vehicle is going at a high speed.2
Grenade GunStrengthMediumWeightLowAmmoMediumStrengthMediumFires Grenade Eggs, which move straight and are affected by gravity.6
Grenade TurretStrengthHighWeightHighAmmoMediumStrengthMediumFires Grenade Eggs; must enter separate turrent seat to control.3
LaserStrengthLowWeightHighAmmoVeryHighStrengthVeryHighFires a laser beam that does continuous damage.2
Mumbo-BomboStrengthMediumWeightLowAmmoMediumStrengthMediumShoots bombs that roll around and do not explode unless they hit something. It resembles Mumbo's head.3
Rust BinStrengthMediumWeightLowAmmoLowStrengthLowShoots a rust ball that attaches to an enemy and sucks the energy from it, gradually lowering the strength of all its parts, allowing it to be broken apart more easily.2
SpikeStrengthLowWeightVeryLowAmmoNoneStrengthLowSpikes that hurt opponents when run into.16
TorpedileStrengthMediumWeightHighAmmoVeryHighStrengthVeryHighFires homing missiles that work both above land and in water.2
Weldar's BreathStrengthMediumWeightLowAmmoHighStrengthHighIs a flamethrower. It resembles Weldar from Banjo-Tooie.2

Weapons are the important parts necessary for defending your vehicle. They require ammo though, so having plenty of ammo is suggested if you plan on having many weapons on your vehicle. Some important notes on some weapons: The Rust Bin actually has a limited number of rust balls before it stops shooting rust balls. It has to 'recharge' before you can shoot another rust ball.

Weldar's Breath is a short range flamethrower, but it can also be used if your vehicle has been frozen (surprisingly).

An E.M.P. actually won't disable your vehicle if your moving fast enough (usually when your vehicle is falling from the sky like a rock).

A Clockwork Kazooie will perform better if the weapon is pointing up with nothing obstructing it.

A Mumbo-Bombo, when facing the front, will actually spit the bombs in your path, making it troublesome.

Same goes for the Citrus Slick, when facing the front or facing up usually.

A Freezeezy can actually freeze Gruntbots, animals, even Jiggy hosts.

Lasers eat up the most ammo, no matter how you put it, so having a replenisher is probrably the best thing you can do to help yourself. A laser also penetrates everything, making them useful in the final battle against Grunty. The reason why is since they penetrate all parts too, they do continuous damage, literally slicing the vehicle into halves.

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