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Weird West

Weird West World created by Steve Malpass

Weird West is a scrapped world from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. A variety of speculation and scattered developer hints suggests it would have been a western-styled world with a strange twist, such as polystyrene buildings. Developer concept art shows the full level design originally planned for Weird West: it was originally going to take place in a large circular area, with a lake to the left, buildings to the north, a mountain in the center, and pathways and rivers linking the sections together. The Game Globe was going to show a miniature version of the world expanding to the edges, which is a departure (and a bit weird) from the single object idea seen in Game Globes.

Ingame references[]

Weird West appears to be quite a late cut. There are several remnants and references left to it throughout the game:

  • The seaside is the only section of Showdown Town without a world entrance. Instead, it has several boarded-up buildings discussed by local NPCs as being remnants, mentioning the docks used to be "twice as long" and "See all these boarded-up buildings? They used to have doors that led to the Weird West Game World. Legend tells of it being a wondrous place, but alas, it no longer exists."
  • L.O.G. has a comment relating to a similarly-named area: "You should be grateful, I could've sent you to Hoedown Town. It's awful. The music, the dancing! Oh my!"
  • The music played during L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges is very western-styled, and could be related to the cut world's music.
  • There are 131 Jiggies in the game. Adding one more world of a reasonable number of challenges (+15) and accounting for the 4 extra T. T. Trophies this would bring, as the new total trophy amount would be a multiple of 4, this would become a nice round 150.
  • There are two Grunty Challenges in Jiggosseum. One of them could have belonged to a cut world.
  • The inflatable sheep in Banjoland do not fit in the retro-themed area, while they would have fit in a western area. According to a few NPCs in the area, they apparently escaped from a "CUT FOR DEADLINES" room.

Layout map[]

A layout of Weird West's map and its corresponding Game Globe was later released by developers of the game. This map shows some details that indicate at least a plotline and some challenges were present when Weird West was cut for deadlines.

  • Weird West's map was circular, and has multiple winding paths with tight turns throughout the level, and a single river winding around the area. There is very little water throughout the level, so this indicates that the majority of racing challenges in this world would've been land-based.
  • Weird West took place inside a globe, suggested to be the entire game globe itself, unlike other areas, which took place inside their own worlds. Whatever if this means if the plinth and part of the seaside in Showdown Town was meant to be visible outside the world is unknown.
    • A bomb would've been delivered at some point to a door in the northwest of the area, which would've exited out of the globe.
  • The southwest of the area has cacti that are explictly mentioned to be "smashable" in the notes, suggesting that you may have had to smash all the cactuses for a challenge.
  • "Jolly's Ranch" would be located in the north of the area. This indicates that Jolly was indeed in this world and he played the role of a farmer. It is likely the inflatable sheep challenges from Banjoland would've played out here instead.
  • In the north of the map was a reservoir with some islands, and to the north was a dam that caused an alternate path for a river, causing the reservoir. This dam was meant to burst, causing the river to reroute and the reservoir to drain, turning the islands into mesas. The single building in Jolly's Ranch would've been "floored" after the dam broke.
  • There were several broken bridges across the map that cars would jump over. One of these bridges was a broken railroad bridge; a note on the map puts (Repair) next to it's title, so it had to be repaired at some point.
  • At the very north of the map was the entrance door to the map.
  • A jail cell beneath an overhang was located at the very south of the map.

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Supposed Weird West Theme
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