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“Wow, another walrus! Take this... But watch out for a smelly brown bear and his ugly bird partner.”
Wozza, Banjo-Kazooie

Wozza is a walrus who lives in his own cave in Banjo-Kazooie in the area Freezeezy Peak. Wozza is rather lonely and longs to see another walrus. If Banjo tries to approach him outside his cave in his regular form, Wozza runs away and hides. However, if Banjo approaches him when he becomes a walrus, Wozza gladly rewards the disguised bear with a Jiggy before retreating inside his cave. If Banjo and Kazooie later go inside his cave, Wozza screams and begs the two to leave, but not before taking a noisy orange Jinjo that also happens to be living inside his cave.

A secret passage in his cave leads to a room with an Extra Honeycomb. His cave is also known to have the legendary Ice Key, one of the mysterious Stop 'n' Swop items. Wozza can be found warming up next to a fire inside his cave, which hurts Banjo and Kazooie if touched.


  • Yikes! A nasty fierce bear! (if Banjo and Kazooie approached him as themselves)
  • Phew... It's safe for Wozza to come out now! (if they left after he hid in his cave)
  • Wow, another walrus! Take this... But watch out for a smelly brown bear and his ugly bird partner. (if Banjo approached him as Walrus Banjo)
  • Why...hello again Mr. Walrus. Feel free to have a look around Wozza's cave. (if Banjo enters the cave and talks to Wozza as Walrus Banjo)
  • Eeek... the bear again! Take that noisy orange thing with you and leave poor Wozza alone... (if Banjo and Kazooie enter the cave and talk to him as themselves)



  • The fact of Wozza being afraid of Banjo is because bears (or at least polar bears) are predators of walrus.
  • While Wozza will greet Banjo when he enters the cave in walrus form, he will get scared if Banjo enters normally. If the player somehow gets one of the other transformations in the game (Whether by hacking or glitching) into Wozza's cave, he'll still react as if it's Banjo in bear form.
  • For some reason, Wozza is not shown in his cave in Mumbo's picture showing the Ice Key at the end of the game.