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Wozza's Cave is where Wozza the walrus lives. The cave is located in Freezeezy Peak and has a variety of crystals inside it. Wozza sits next to a campfire in the middle of the cave.

When Banjo first arrives to the world, Wozza is outside the cave and blocks its entrance when approached. Only by meeting him as a walrus will he go inside and unblock the entrance, gifting a Jiggy in the process. Afterward, the cave will always be open.

Inside the cave is the Orange Jinjo, up in an alcove to the right that needs a Flap Flip jump to reach. Behind the Jinjo is a short tunnel that leads to the Ice Key, which is blocked by a transparent ice wall. Like the other Stop 'n' Swop items, the only way to access it is with a cheat code, which in this case is: CHEAT NOW YOU CAN SEE A NICE ICE KEY WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FOR FREE.

On the left is a freezing pool of water with a submerged tunnel. Travelling through it as a walrus reveals a room with an Extra Honeycomb Piece, among some ammo and a Chinker.


  • There is an underwater music variation for Wozza's Cave, but it is mostly unused, as the water cannot be dove under (only walked through as the walrus transformation). It can be heard by dying in the water, and it plays alongside the normal variation if the area comes up in a music question on Grunty's Furnace Fun.