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Wumba's Wigwam is a teepee where Humba Wumba resides. It appears in every world in Banjo-Tooie, excluding Spiral Mountain and Cauldron Keep.

Inside the wigwam there is a magic pool that Banjo uses to transform. A Glowbo needs to be tossed into the pool in order for Humba to make it active. One of many Glowbos in a particular world are usually near the tent somewhere.


The wigwam in Pine Grove is immediately unusable, even if Banjo is currently holding a Glowbo, since Humba requires the Mega-Glowbo to transform in this specific wigwam. Upon returning with the rare creature, Banjo is confused as to the seeming absence of any kind of transformation, until Kazooie pops out of the backpack to show her new dragon form, who can breathe fire by simply pressing the B button.

A Mumbo Pad is interestingly located outside of the wigwam in Terrdactyland. Once Mumbo has received a Glowbo in Terrydactyland, he can, among other things, enlarge or shrink the wigwam to change the size of the T-Rex transformation, the standard wigwam rendering a baby t-rex and the enlarged wigwam rendering the daddy t-rex.

The wigwam in Hailfire Peaks Icy Side has a hidden tunnel behind the rug on the left wall that goes to Mumbo's Hut. This can be used for easy access to the Icy Side upon first entering into the world.

The wigwam in Grunty Industries is made of sheet metal.


  • Despite being called a wigwam, the location is actually a teepee.
  • Mumbo Jumbo is not welcome inside the wigwam. If he enters, Humba will order him to "leave now or be in big heap trouble," although no harm will really be done to the player. She will also tell him to get out of the magic pool should he jump inside it.
  • Mumbo cannot access the wigwam in Glitter Gulch Mine, since it is located on top of a steep hill and the warp pad inside denies Mumbo's entry, saying he isn't welcome. The same applies with Jolly Roger's Lagoon, Wumba's wigwam is located underwater in Atlantis, and Mumbo cannot swim or breathe underwater.